Room Escape Games Challenges Players to Solve Puzzles to Get Out

An escape room is more like an informal, fun house aimed to bring about teamwork and team spirit among people. Participants in a room escape in Chicago, Dallas, New York, etc. can be employees, a group of friends, or a bunch of strangers meeting for the first time, a class of school kids, a batch from a college or even a family. A life-like situation is created when a team of not more than twelve members are present in a room which is locked. The game now starts with a puzzle or a riddle, maybe even a mystery is to be solved, and clues are hidden all over the room, the member needs to find the clues, put it all together, which will help them find the key which will again help them escape the room room-escape-games-challenges-players-to-solve-puzzles-to-get-out : all under sixty minutes. And why do they need to escape a room? Well, that’s because there is a hungry and very much alive zombie in the room, chained to a wall, waiting for dinner. And after every five minutes, the chain grows a foot longer, thus enabling the zombie to get closer to his dinner i.e., you.

Now that the idea has been explained. It is time for the execution. Members must remember that they can get out of the room with a hungry only if they work as a team, everyone in that room needs to co-operate with each other. To make things work, the players need to understand the puzzles, so everyone should put on their thinking caps. Ideas must be shared, new information must be known to everyone, all the members must understand every detail, and they all must be aware that team work and team spirit are the two cores for excelling this type of activity. All the members should wholeheartedly participate in this sort of game unless they want to be left behind as dinner for the zombie.  Co-operation between members will help them escape in the nick of time. Participants must search the entire room for the hidden clues that can help in opening the box, which holds the key to unlock the door.

So, every individual must scan and search the place in and out, turn the whole room upside down, make sure every nook and corner is searched thoroughly. In the meanwhile, make sure that during all this finding for clues, stay much away from the zombie as possible because once the zombie is very hungry and even if the zombie touches you or makes the slightest of physical contact with you, you are immediately removed from the game and can sit by the side, but still participate verbally. Yet, it’s better to be in the center of all the commotion and puzzle solving, so note to self- ‘stay away from the zombie, at all times’.

Make sure that the puzzles present in the game are not easy and less time consuming. They are created to challenge the players, so that all the members of the team get in on it and all the brains are needed for finding the clues. All the clues lead to opening a box that holds a key which is placed inside the room and can only be opened if the clues are found. The key inside the box will help the team open the door that has been locked and help them escape before it’s too late. There is an hour to get through with this activity, and with the passing of every five minutes, a buzzer is hit and the chain that is holding the zombie inside the room grows longer and longer, a foot each time. Meaning every five minutes, the hungry and desperate zombie gets closer and closer to you.

Anyone above the age of eight and sign up for this new and refreshing experience. This is a new method of ice-breaking or even a form of corporate training for offices looking to try something different that is both educational and entertaining at the same time. Tickets for this show can be booked a month in advance and certificates are presented to all the participants.