Room Escape Games Challenges Players to Solve Puzzles to Get Out

An escape room is more like an informal, fun house aimed to bring about teamwork and team spirit among people. Participants in a room escape in Chicago, Dallas, New York, etc. can be employees, a group of friends, or a bunch of strangers meeting for the first time, a class of school kids, a batch […]

Escape Rooms Unlock a New Entertainment Market

Escape room games are fun and entertaining. Based on the concept of video games, escape rooms are live action and team based games where players have to solve puzzles, find clues and accomplish tasks to achieve certain objective that is generally escaping a room. These games are a great alternative for millennials who are tired […]

Room Escape Games: The Latest Craze

Room escape games are team based games that you can play with your family, colleagues or with just anyone. In room escape game, a group of people gets locked in a room and they are required to solve a series of puzzles or find out clues hidden in the room to get out of the […]