Why You Should Use an Airpot Flask on a Boat

When they need to keep water or coffee hot many boaters prefer an airpot flask instead of a thermos bottle. This is because although thermos bottles are more versatile airpots are extremely convenient especially when you are on the move. Often people wonder whether a bottle is better at keeping hot compared to an airpot, […]

How a Thermos Jug Can Keep Liquids Hot or Cold for a Long Time

A thermos jug becomes quite handy when you want to keep things at a constant temperature. This means that if you put a hot beverage into a thermos bottle or jug it will remain hot and similarly cold drinks will stay cold for a long time. Now we need to understand the working of a […]

Travel Mug Adds Expediency to Travel

Travel Mug – Unavoidable Household Appliance in Today’s World Traveling has become part and parcel of the modern-day human life, and it is a fact that the bulk of the population in all civilized countries is always on the move, for attending their routine jobs. Insulated Travel mugs are highly useful during traveling; one will […]