Five Important Stages of Wire Harness Design

Cables and wires are an indispensable part of our lives. Humans have depended on them for decades together to transmit power and information from one part to another. Technological advancements have improved many aspects of cable and wires such as design, manufacturing methods, equipment, raw materials used etc. Wire harnesses are a product of this […]

How Custom Cable Assemblies Help You Get Better Results?

Custom cable assemblies these days are increasingly becoming popular as they offer immense opportunities of perfecting your cabling in your own required way. There are great many custom cable assembly providers guaranteeing state of the high quality cabling products for diverse manufacturing processes. Actually custom manufacturing offers you the advantage of using different kinds of […]

Common Industrial Uses for Custom Cable Assemblies

A cable assembly, as the name says, is an assembly of cables or wires which is used to transfer power or information based on its material and requirement. Contrary to the single wires or cables, cable assemblies have multiple cables or wires intervened together to form a single unit. The loose wires are intervened together […]

The Many Advantages and Uses of Coil Cords

Coil cords are used in everywhere. From the telephone wires to the industrial cables, you can find coil cords in an array of applications. These cords typically consist of both straight section of cords and curly cord sections. All of us have had experienced the typical spring like form in them which can only be […]