THE MYSTERY OF THE SEA Bram Stoker – Thrilling Secrets

First published in the US in 1902, this excellent mystery laden novel is totally meant for the fans of Bram Stoker. The reader travels back to Aberdeen, Scotland after the destruction of the American battle ship the “Maine.” Here as the reader progresses reading the book, they experience the all new world of mystery that relates to the supernatural and a world in political turmoil. A perfect concoction of thriller & romance, this novel is full of adventure. As usual Stoker’s character’s shine, particularly the heroine & the supernatural conspiracy will keep you captivated and engrossed, further compelling you to read more of this delightful and enigmatic author’s work. The Mystery of the Sea, a novel by Bram Stoker, was originally published in 1902. The Mystery of the Sea comprises of numerous fascinating & exciting elements.

Supernatural features amidst a political plot

This novel is all about the fable of an Englishman living in Aberdeen, Scotland, who encounters and happens to fall in love with an American heiress. She is involved with the conspiracies of the Spanish–American War. The romance amidst a multifaceted plot, abduction, and surreptitious cyphers are the major elements of surprise throughout the course of the novel. The Mystery of the Sea contains mystic elements that exist along with a political setting. Inspired by the very many real life instances & personal understanding of the Spanish–American War, this novel has instances from history. Involving various facets like the significant subjects of his time such as national personality and altering notions of womankind. The Mystery of the Sea by Bram Stoker is about a man Archie Hunter, who travels to Aberdeenshire, to relish a little respite and relaxation in the small coastal rural community. But his trip takes an unforeseen shot when he initiates to see spirits of the deceased and an old woman named Gormala tells him he owns the “Second Sight.” Together she with Archie plans to resolve the mysteries that the sea holds. Thee begins the quest of Archie who finds a chest full of old official papers he considers it to have a cypher note that can expose the position of a nowhere to be found treasure of the Spanish Navy. And then there is Marjory, the beautiful American girl Archie saves from drowning.

Multifaceted piece of art

The Mystery of the Sea incorporates elements from a diversity of categories and does not fit comfortably into a single category. One of the best of Stoker’s fiction, this novel is a mixture of various parts, part love story & romance, part political expanse, part adventure and part tale of the supernatural. With too many points of focus for the reader, The Mystery of the Sea could easily be categorized as an amalgamation of history, mystery, adventure & romance. Similar to his other works of the same genus that has been associated with gothic highlights, The Mystery of the Sea belongs to the same genre. Stoker creates a multifaceted historic and administrative background by setting the events of the novel that are centuries-old. In this manner, the Spanish are depicted as a forthcoming threat to Anglo-American civilization. The plot further puts a strong hold as it portrays the brawl of supremacy and standards typical of majestic creative writing & works of fiction. This novel establishes itself featuring a plot packed with adventure, romance, and the supernatural.