Why Should You Opt for Nortec Humidifier?

Are you looking for Nortec humidifier? You must choose Nortec’s DL Series – 2016 Hybrid Humidifier. It has received silver in the category of Air Movement, Dehumidification and Humidification. Moreover, Nortec humidifier is a winner of 12th annual consulting engineer product. Now, why should you choose Nortec humidifier? Let’s check out a few reasons in this regard:

  • Hybrid Humidifier  Being a hybrid humidifier, the DL Series intelligently combines adiabatic techniques of evaporation and atomization. The inventive design combines low-pressure atomizing nozzles with evaporative media. This provides instant response in high-pressure systems and exceptional efficacies in evaporative units. The novelty allows installation lengths to be short as 24 inches, making it impeccable for retrofit applications where space is inadequate, saving air handling unit construction. The permeable ceramic design reduces pressure fall, lowering energy expense in fan operation. The media detains unevaporated water on media surface for added humidification, decreasing water consumption and enhancing 95% water efficiency. Nortec unveiled a new educational portal in collaboration with American Hospital Association, offering data and insights from healthcare and business professionals. Make use of these humidity humidifiers and evaporative cooling for HVAC projects.
  • Customized Solution – Expert sales engineers work for your requirement to ensure that the apt products are recommended on the basis of your project needs. However, this includes several influencing issues like capital budget, life cost calculations, environmental impact and your system’s necessary humidity control. Nortec also offers free in-house training sessions to experts and contractors wanting to improve humidification knowledge or psychrometric process. Nortec provides proficient supervision and technical assistance as well as site visit during the installation for ensuring an effective project. If essential, Nortec’s team of experts can install equipment, providing you the mental satisfaction that producer’s knowledge is being implemented directly on-site. Furthermore, adept humidifier commissioning is crucial in attaining the most from humidification system. Nortec provides a completely managed service and communicates with all parties for ensuring that the humidifier delivers a long & effective service life.
  • High Level Engineering – Every humidifier requires regular maintenance with specific expertise and Nortec provides highest level of engineering directly from the manufacturer with reactive as well as planned maintenance schedules. Training in routine maintenance is also offered to FM staff and consultative service visits to offer annual guidance, ensuring optimum system performance and hygiene. Nortec also offers competent selection and distribution of required mechanisms and advices on critical spare parts to keep on site.
  • Used for variety of solutions – Nortec’s Humidifiers can be used for every type of application. Nortec’s commercial as well as residential humidification solutions have provided excellence and consistency to clients for several years. A wide array of solutions can be installed like evaporative cooling systems, green house humidifiers to a wide array of buildings such as offices, hospitals, museums, data centers and labs. A versatile and easy-to-install solution is available with excellent customer-service, product guarantees as well as low-maintenance for ensuring a smooth evolution into a healthy and static-free environment for clients. You can choose from any of the high-quality sequences or accessories in order to take the first step towards optimum air quality, effortless humidity and cooling control for the unique space of your property. As a result of which you can get pioneering, industry-leading and cost-conscious technologies to competently improve the indoor as well as outdoor air quality.
  • Different types – You can get different types of humidifiers like EL Series Electrode Stream, Draabe Series, GS Series Gas-Steam, ME Series Evaporative Cooling, LS Series Pressure Steam, SE Series Steam Exchange and DL Series Atomization and Evaporation. EL Series Electrode Steam Humidifier is one of the most reliable options for hygienic steam humidification with full application flexibility for customers, contractors as well as system engineers. Draabe Series Humidifiers offer a complete line of hygienic options for low as well as high humidification requirement. This is an apt solution for your application. GS Series Gas-Steam Humidifier is a gas-powered steam humidification system offering high-efficiency low cost solution setting industry standards. ME Series Evaporative Cooling is another type that meets the leading evaporative cooling as well as humidification solution of the world. This ground-breaking low energy system works on 0.3kW of electricity. Besides, if you want an ideal match for cost-effective and dependable humidification, you can opt for LS Series Pressure Steam which meets high level of air humidity requirement round the clock. SE Series Steam Exchange is another full-package humidification system providing reliable, easy installation and no-fuss maintenance for commercial space. Moreover, if you are looking for room humidity control & safety, digital humidistats offer intuitive navigation with convenient features.

Place order online for Nortec humidifiers and get the best solution for HVAC requirement.