Get Innovative & Effective Solution with Bristol Compressors

Are you searching for an effective air compressor? Opt for Bristol compressors and get the perfect solution for your need. Air compressors have several uses, such as supplying high-pressure clean air, filling up gas cylinders, providing moderate-pressure fresh air to the submerged surface diver, supplying moderate-pressure air for driving office and school building pneumatic HVAC control valves and lots more. Air conditioners comprise of four basic mechanical parts including an extension valve, condenser, evaporator and compressor. The compressor involves the heart of cooling cycle, which begins when the compressor draws in cool, low-pressure refrigerant gas from indoors. The motor-driven function of the compressor is, “squeezing” refrigerant, raising the temperature and pressure in order that it exits the compressor as hot and high-pressure gas. The compressor pushes hot gas to condenser coil in the outdoor side of air conditioner where fans blow cool outside air over the coil and through the fins, removing heat from the refrigerator and transferring to outside air. Now, what’s the speciality of Bristol compressors? Bristol compressors is a leading global producer of compressors for using in air conditioning, refrigerator and heat-pumps. The manufacturer continues to raise the efficiency and reliability.

Let’s check out in this regard, some of the significant facets of Bristol compressors:

. Energy efficient meeting industry regulations – Bristol has received the Environmental Stewardship Award by Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing. The vital accomplishments of Bristol compressors emphasized by the Environmental Stewardship Award include essential operating developments leading to 80% waste materials being recycled. Engineers worked with pioneering product packaging, which decreases the quantity of corrugated packaging materials used by 29%, offering added strength and support in transportation. The manufacturer of this compressor has driven innovation in reusable packaging. This has eliminated waste from packaging and reduced the additional disposal cost, saving valuable landfill space.

. Improved Internal Waste Water Pre-treatment – Moreover, by virtue of a systematic examination of equipment, the Bristol compressors helped to identify and address key issues, eradicating 70% of total hydraulic oil consumption, and significantly enhancing inner wastewater pre-treatment processes, decreasing the quantity of sludge demanding off-site usage.

. Systematic approach of reviewing production – Bristol compressors are consistent with the policy of respecting the environment of the community. ISO 14001 offers the framework through which improvements in environmental management system are sustained. Bristol compressors achieved ISO-14001 certification in July 2013, which is the leading environmental management system in the world, offering an organized approach to review operational & production processes and supporting environmental efforts.

. Compressor unit designed for reliable operation – Bristol compressors also introduced a compressor unit called Beast, which is intended for more reliable operation in challenging environments. The Beast provides resistance to contamination related to replacement repairs, improved liquid refrigerant tolerance, elimination of electrical failures owing to defective start components, capability to start beneath low voltage and extreme ambient circumstances, noiseless operation in high-ambient surroundings and throughout defrost cycles.

. Versatility of Products & Applications – The versatility of Bristol compressor products allows consumers to choose compressors with appropriate capacity, SEER, EER and sound level that best match with difficult applications, heat pump, air conditioning, geothermal as well as refrigeration systems. In keeping the commitment to deliver environmentally conscious and energy-efficient products, Bristol compressors offer a wide array of ozone-friendly refrigerant compressors with fixed and variable frequency drive conformations. The high-output air conditioning & heat pump Bristol compressors have efficiency levels from 8.2 – 12.0 at ARI rating conditions. Moreover, product capacities from 9,000 to 287,400 BTU/H have an extensive range of hermetic air conditioning compressors. Medium and low temperature refrigeration compressors from Bristol also provide the highest performance in the industry, presenting EER ranging from 2.8 to 6.4 in 45/100 conditions and product capacities from 5,200 to 40,100 BTU/H.

So, why are you waiting for? Place an order for Bristol compressors and get innovative and effective solution for your space. However, while placing online orders remember that the items you receive can be different from the actual items in the photograph. The operations of these Bristol compressors are fully integrated with top-notch machining capabilities, complementing reconfigured high-volume assembly lines. The processes are planned around lean engineering techniques. Bristol strives to constantly improve robust operations and produce a quality product. The manufacturer focuses on quality, safety and operational efficacy and thus has transformed operations for supporting global clients through continuous improvement of expectations in quality assurance and supply. Bristol already maintains a market-leading position in North America & Middle East. So, opt for Bristol compressor and enjoy a good number of benefits.