Belimo Actuator Saves Energy Usage for Cooling and Heating

Are you looking for Belimo Actuator? The energy valve of Belimo helps to reduce water usage for cooling and heating a space. It saves energy by increasing the overall productivity of heat transfer. Moreover, it offers unmatched transparency to the system by improving the control of multifaceted hydronic systems. Before purchasing Belimo Actuator, you can listen to the webinar for understanding the science behind the improved performance and potential gains for your buildings. This will help to make your system energy efficient, easily accessible and transparent. Furthermore, you can check out a few case studies to gain awareness about Belimo product installations with direct observations, protocols and energy consumption examinations.

Belimo actuators are used in a wide array of HVAC damper applications with comprehensive torque range and capability to direct mount on damper shafts. You can get different solutions for control dampers, economizer units, air handlers, VAV terminal units, fan shutters as well as unit ventilators.

Now, let’s have a look at a few Belimo Actuators in this regard:

  • Damper Actuators – You can get these damper actuators by comprehensive torque offerings. The mechanical spring provides steadfast fail-safe and the manual override crank helps to ease installation. Low power consumption offers competence and smaller transformer sizing. In addition, there is no performance loss owing to temperature and voltage supply. You can get MFT in all spring return actuators that provide the flexibility to adapt single actuator to several controllers and applications.
  • Electronic Fail-Safe Damper Actuators – You can set fail-safe position from 0-100% in 10% increments using PC-Tool (MFT version) or by hand on the actuator. High torque (360 in-lbs) offering can handle several applications. The LED status offers visual feedback on capacitor charge as well as actuator. Furthermore, low power consumption offers greater competence and smaller transformer sizing. Minimum torque is guaranteed over specified operating range, without any loss in performance due to temperature or supply voltage. MFT is accessible in all Electronic Fail-Safe actuators, providing users the flexibility to alter and adapt single actuator to several controllers and applications.
  • Fire & Smoke Damper Actuators – Often these are available with ISO 9001 Certified Quality Control and 5-year warranty assuring consistent operation with excellent customer support. You may get various torque assortments like 30 in-lbs, 70 in-lbs, 133 in-lbs & 180 in-lbs. Besides, you can avail 24, 120, & 230 VAC for meeting various wiring requirements. In addition, you can get 24 VDC with 2-position and comparative control for matching special installations. FSAF24-BAL actuator allows duct balancing competences from fire as well as smoke dampers. Belimo FS Actuators include UL555 & UL555S with U.S. damper manufacturers. The sophistication of fire and smoke dampers presented an evolutionary shift in damper actuation requirements. Belimo’s product lines offer an extensive assortment of actuators to cover the conventional system applications. In order to address the increasing use of active smoke control systems, Belimo presented proportional FSAF24-SR to FSAF(B)24-SR for staircase, under-floor and other applications. Belimo leads market innovation with latest FSAF24-BAL for merging duct balancing applications with fire and smoke actuated dampers.
  • Non-Spring Actuators – These are available with comprehensive torque offerings with coupled, linear and rotary actuators handling several applications. Non-spring return actuators make use of brushless DC motor technology, controlled by Application Specific Integrated Circuit. Minimum torque is guaranteed over the whole operating range without any loss in performance owing to temperature, speed or voltage supply. These actuators are electronically safeguarded against overload. Moreover, low power consumption delivers greater effectiveness and smaller transformer sizing.

Place orders online for Belimo Actuator and get greater efficiency for your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning damper applications. You may get different types of solutions for air handlers, control dampers, VAV terminal units, economizer units, fan coil & terminal units, fan shutters as well as unit ventilators. Moreover, you can check out different accessories like universal mounting brackets designed for applications where actuator can’t be mounted to shaft directly. On the other hand, if you like to get easy retrofit applications, you may opt for Crankarm adaptor kits. Battery back-up helps to drive non fail-safe actuator to safety position in case of power failure. Belimo offers a wide array of electrical and mechanical accessories for solving installation problem. By virtue of unmatched customer service and technical support, the accessories of Belimo actuators are designed to improve performance as well as add value to your HVAC ( system.